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900 mg of THC

Huile Riche en THC

Panhash Huile Riche en THC combines organic extra virgin olive oil and 900mg of THC per 30 mL bottle. We utilize our patented cold ethanol extraction process to create a full spectrum concentrate that preserves the terpene profile and provides a natural, earthy aroma and flavor. 

900 mg of THC per 30 mL bottle

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1,000 mg of CBD

Huile Riche en CBD

The ingredients in our PanHash Huile Riche en CBD are few and simple: organic extra virgin olive oil and high CBD extract. That’s it. This makes for a verdant, earthy aroma and flavour profile, with an exceptional 1,000mg of CBD per bottle. 

Our Huile Riche en CBD is vegan-friendly, non-GMO and packaged in an eco-friendly glass bottle. Comes with a graduated 1.0 mL syringe.

1,000 mg of CBD per 30 mL bottle