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Discover PanHash, Quebec’s emblem of exceptional cannabis

Our identity, rooted in quality and the call of nature, is reflected in every product we offer.

PanHash captures the unique spirit of Quebec, offering an inimitable sensory experience. Our commitment to quality guides every step of the way, ensuring your satisfaction is always renewed.

Like the majestic antler symbolized in our logo, PanHash represents the power and elegance of Quebec’s nature. We celebrate this balance by minimizing our environmental impact while maximizing the purity of our products.

PanHash is proud to be able to offer you all the cannabis product lines we recently launched in October: our oils and capsules, but stay tuned for more launches to come!

Experience cannabis from our terroir, where the power of nature meets excellence.

Where does our name come from?

PanHash is a combination of the words panache” and hashisch”:

  • « Panache » : represents the antlers that adorn Quebec’s large cervids: deer, moose and caribou. These cervids played an important role in the occupation of the territory, being the basis of the food and also used in the manufacture of clothing which protected the native peoples, then the colonists, from the cold of Quebec. Even today, the presence of these cervids generates significant economic activity.
    PanHash is also inspired by the french expression avoir du panache”, meaning to have presence and scope. It’s a good analogy for the products we make, which stand out for their quality and design.
  • « Hashish » : a symbol of authenticity and history for us, hashish is one of the oldest methods of extracting cannabis. The extract, commonly known as hash”, could be consumed by inhalation, but also by ingestion on its own or mixed with food or drink.
    Today, PanHash offers a range of products, such as oils and capsules, to meet all our customers’ needs.

What We Stand For


Discover all the riches of our province! Our products are made from cannabis grown in Quebec by growers proud of their know-how and their roots.


To offer the best to our customers, our cannabis is selected from the best producers, and we take great care in every step of the manufacturing process.


For Quebecers, nature is not just a backdrop, but a partner in life, a source of inspiration and rejuvenation, which we must also protect for future generations.

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