Tell us about yourself*

*For legal reasons, you know

Who we are 

PanHash is committed to bringing you the safest, highest quality, most environmentally friendly cannabis products imaginable. 

Our products are proudly made in Quebec by people who are passionate about cannabis and their heritage.

Given our strong Quebec roots and heritage, and given that our sole cannabis production facility and head office is proudly based in Quebec, extra attention to detail was put into developing an unique brand and trademark for our cannabis products distributed in the Quebec market. The goal was to create a brand that would not only represent our Quebec heritage, but would resonate with Quebec consumers, be unique to the Quebec market and would combine the specificity of Quebec with the field of cannabis. 

PanHash quickly emerged as the winner. The name comes from the combination of the words panache” and hashisch”


• Panache represents the antlers that adorn the large cervid found in Quebec, namely deer, moose and caribou. These cervid played an important role in the occupation of the territory, being the basis of food and also used in the making of clothing that protected the settlers and the indigenous peoples from the cold of Quebec. Even today, the presence of these cervid generates an impressive economic activity in terms of sport hunting.

• Panache is also inspired by the expression to have panache” which means to have presence and scope. This is a nice analogy to the products we manufacture, which are distinguished by their quality and great packaging and design.


• Concentrated cannabis extract made from one of the oldest extraction methods in the world. The extract, commonly known as hash” can be consumed by inhalation but also by ingestion as such or mixed with food or drink.

Pretty cool play on words in our opinion!

But how do you prounounce it? To keep this strong play-on-words going, and to emphasize the having panache’ that resonates with our cannabis brands, PanHash is pronounced as panache (pa-NASH). So for all of us (me included) who’s been pronouncing it as two separate words — we now know better. Let’s throw a little panache into the way we pronounce PanHash!

What We Stand For


Cannabis is best when enjoyed safely and legally. We aspire to draw people away from the legacy market by providing a safe, effective and desirable alternative.


We use our decades of experience to provide the safest, most authentic and consistent products available.


Consumption can be a force for good, but only if everyone makes the effort to reduce their impact and give back to nature what belongs to it. Our goal? To be sustainable wherever and whenever we can.